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Software Resources developed in Semantic Web Service Project are published.

We developed the first OWL Full processor in the world.
SWCLOS is build on top of Common Lisp Object System (CLOS).
All of OWL classes and individuals are CLOS objects.


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We transformed Japanese Electronic Dictionary EDR into OWL/RDF using SWCLOS. EDR was developed by the Electronic Dictionary Resource and National Institute of Information and Communications Technology has the copyright at the present.


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Algorithms in APTP by Ghallab, Nau, and Traverso are encoded in Allegro Common Lisp.


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AIMA by Russell&Norvig Lisp Code is revised so as to run in Allegro Common Lisp Modern Mode (case sensitive).


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WordNet3.0 is transformed into RDF using SWCLOS.
WordNet was developed at Princeton University.


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SWCLOSF Lisp-based OWL Full Processor

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach

Automated Planning Theory and Practice

Japanese Electronic Dictionary EDR RDF

WordNet 3.0 RDF

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