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The aim of this group is to discuss and investigate knowledge sharing issues from various aspects that includes community engineering, ontology engineering, and metadata engineering. The title "Knowledge as Media (KasM)" indicates our research policy for knowledge sharing. Knowledge is not something that people form@and keep in their mind independently. Rather knowledge is what people form through their interaction with other people and their environment. In other words, knowledge is a unique media that we have developed to interact other people and our environment. The process of forming knowledge in interaction is, therefore, a key issue for knowledge sharing. Our research field includes community engineering, ontology engineering, metadata engineering, and agent systems to investigate interaction among people and develop systems to support such activities. We are furthermore interested in interaction between people and the real environment so that we also include robotics to explicate this interaction.
Members of the group currently consist of researchers of National Institute of Informatics, the Graduate University of Advanced Studies (Sokendai), and Tokyo Institute of Technologies. Our group is not restricted by organization. We are welcome everyone who is interested in our work.

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Hideaki Takeda ( takeda@nii.ac.jp )
at National Institute of Informatics, Japan